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Updated August 9, 2015

Welcome to Decatur Makers! We’re excited that you’re joining us in our mission to Build. Share. Explore. Below you’ll find some important information about Decatur Makers, our community, the building and our tools.

We’re committed to safety

We encourage members to act in a manner that is safe for themselves and other members. We ask that everyone keep our basic safety guidelines in mind when working in the space. In particular:

  • Know where the first aid kits and fire extinguishers are located and be familiar with their operation.
  • Use safety equipment generously. While working in the space, use eye protection, hearing protection, gloves and aprons to keep yourself safe.
  • Know the safe and appropriate procedures for operating tools. Never use a tool that you have not been cleared to use. If you don’t know how to use a tool, ask for help or training. If you don’t feel comfortable with a piece of equipment, don’t use it, ask for help.
  • In an emergency, please call 911.

A safe space is a place where people don’t get hurt. As a member, you are making a commitment to make sure that you and others in the space are using the equipment safely.

In addition, you are also making a commitment to make sure that you and others in the space are treated with respect and kindness. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, including members, volunteers, and guests. Our policies are open for all to review.

REQUIREMENT 1: All members and guests must sign and submit the RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK FORM before working on projects inside Decatur Makers.

REQUIREMENT 2: All members will undergo a basic criminal background check as part of the membership application.

Getting inside the space

Members are welcome to use the space during basic hours (7AM-11PM). Members under 18 need parental permission to be in the space. Members aged 14 and up may be in the space without adult supervision. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while inside the space. Members under 18 may NOT bring guests without approval of a Decatur Makers board member.

To gain access, locate the key from the key lockbox on the railing. The key code (and wifi password) is available to members but not to be shared. Protocol is to remove the key, open and prop the door, turn on the interior light to the right, and IMMEDIATELY put the key back in the key safe. That way you won't forget and take it home in your pocket (it's happened).

Lights are the four switches in the electrical room between the old and new panels.

Keep the door closed in the summer to preserve AC air. You can leave it unlocked but closed by using the Allen wrench to hold down the crossbar. If the door is unlocked, people may just wander in (which is fine, you should welcome them) but if you don't want to be paying attention to unexpected visitors, keep the door closed and locked.

When you leave, if you're the last one there, check that the side doors are closed (pull them tight, they stick), turn off the lights, and pull the front door locked.

In the future, the above entry procedures will be replaced by an RFID access control system.

Staying in touch with Decatur Makers

Most of our policies, procedures and other important information can be found on our google drive.

REQUIREMENT 3: Please add your info to the Membership Roster spreadsheet on the drive in the Members folder.

[email protected] is our main, open discussion list which includes members as well people from the larger community. It is the best place for most messages. To subscribe visit!forum/decaturmakers

Our meetup group is also a good place to find out about activities. . [email protected] is our list restricted to members and core-committees. It should be used for votes, internal space discussions, etc. You must request permission to join this group by visiting!contactowner/dm-members

We also have a low traffic email newsletter (about 1 message/month) which is a high level summary of selected activities and projects. You can add yourself to that, too by providing your information to join our mailing list at

Our google calendar should have most of our activities listed.

You are also encouraged to connect on social media including Facebook and Twitter

Members will be automatically added to the main google discussion list, the dm-members list, and the email newsletter distribution. We strongly encourage you to join our meetup and add our calendar to your device so you can stay informed.

Decatur Makers Membership

The current membership plan is on our website. You can pay membership fees annually, but we actually prefer if you fill out and sign the authorization for recurring payment form and we will deduct the monthly fee.

Memberships may be cancelled at any time. Memberships will officially begin when the space is officially open (tentatively determined by when our rent starts).