Construction To Do LIst

Construction Inside Space

  1. seal off electronic space from wood shop with insulation
  2. put cabinets up in break room and install sink we currently have
  3. Finish up electrical room with ceiling and AC vent
  4. install security cameras
  5. install locks on wood shop doors
  6. order Saw Stop saw
  7. order install of fire monitor system
  8. water meter, inline in building

Wet Room

  1. put up OSB on walls
  2. Install AC vent - HVAC guy will do this after ceiling is up
  3. install Ceiling
  4. install cabinets
  5. install electrical

Construction Outside Space

  1. backfill retaining wall with dirt and smooth out
  2. order gravel and smooth out area created by new retaining wall
  3. smooth out dirt behind space and plant grass
  4. make fire pit area outside space for evening outside events

Electrical Power Related

  1. emergency exit sign power
  2. add more power in break room for refrigerator and counter space
  3. 220 and 110 outside new door
  4. 60 amp ground fault for car charger circuit
  5. make permanent connections to new lights in upstairs space